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Through this program, we hope to reduce the stress caused to our landfill and the most importantly, to help the underprivileged needies around the world. Our EcoLusion Recycling Camping aims to reduce waste and save the environment.

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Marine plastic waste has attracted much attention in recent years. The world is brewing a waste branding campaign, which is to record the information of the brands of waste products when cleaning mountains and beaches and classify them into categories

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August 2021

We partnered with another student-led organization and a local community center to teach kids about environmental awareness and to make their own terrariums.

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We are happy to announce that during the past month, we have partnered with NGOs such as The Green Earth and provide English translations on environmental articles and social media captions. Stay tuned for more updates!


December 2020

Small-scale trips to HK farms to provide a personal experience in working on a farm and to educate on the challenges of growing vegetation for farmers throughout the year.


January 2022

Interview series of experienced environmentalists to learn about their challenges and advice for future generations.



One of the services we provide here at Ecolusion is posting DIY videos on how to make environmentally friendly items out of waste items.



Hiking while picking up garbage along the way. We also successfully separated the waste and recycled them afterwards