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The word "ecolusion" is a fusion of three words: Eco, Evolution and Lusion. We hope to evolve in terms of our way of living. In order to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Lusion means "the meaning in life", and our organisation believes that living an eco-friendly life is living a meaningful life.

We are a group of students in Hong Kong, aiming to raise awareness of environmental issues. Introducing Ecolusion, we provide a fresh perspective of local issues about the environment in Hong Kong and offer certain features and aspects that other institutions do not provide. We offer a plethora of services, for example, regular environmental news, daily tips on how to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and much much more. We hope to have your support and join us on our mission to make the world environmentally sound. Every. Effort. Matters.

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DIY Campaigns

Learn how to reuse leftover items to create something useful and decorative


Beach Cleanups

Learn more about our beach cleanups and our plastic audits

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Organic Farming

Go together on a journey and explore organic farming in Hong Kong

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